Here’s what I’ve been working on.


  • 2021: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting // New Orleans, USA
    • Oral presentation: “Dynamics of a QBO-like Phenomenon on a Tidally Locked Exoplanet”
  • 2021: Edinburgh Women in Space Conference // Edinburgh, UK
    • PhD Lightning Talk and Q&A: “Simulating new worlds: New Frontiers in exoplanet science”
  • 2017: Reinventing Space // Strathclyde University, UK
    • Poster presentation: “Putting the Propellant in the Fuel-Tank: Developing the Technical and Operational Framework for Gateway Earth Space Access Architecture”
  • 2016: Language Show Live Scotland // SECC Glasgow, UK
    • Panel member: “Translating Europe: Young People in Translation”
  • 2013: Frontiers of the European Iron Age // Cambridge University, UK
    • Paper presentation: “Visual Imagery in Iron Age Italy: A Contextual Study of Villanovan Bronze Belts”



  • Oct-Dec 2021: Assessment of secondary biotic risks to world breadbasket regions in support of an ALLFED project designing finance products to cover risks related to climate change. Project lead on behalf of Six Degrees Edinburgh.
  • Jul-Aug 2021: Scoping of projects and report on converting Brockholes Farm, Scottish Borders, to net zero carbon emissions. Consultant on behalf of Six Degrees Edinburgh.
  • Feb-Mar 2021: Life-cycle assessment and report for packaging and distribution chain of grain and flour producer Scotland the Bread. Consultant on behalf of Six Degrees Edinburgh.
  • Jan 2021: Report on behavioural change through digital gaming for independent game start-up Yaldi Games. Funded by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.


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