I grew up in the United States speaking German at home and English at school. The child of a translator, I picked up the family trade with my first job writing English abstracts of German-language articles for the ProQuest Company. Not long after, I began freelancing for translation agencies.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, I moved to Berlin for several years before finally settling in Edinburgh. I professionalized my translation business, passing the CIoL’s DipTrans exam in 2015 and obtaining a 2-year diploma in paralegal studies from the National Association of Licensed Paralegals in 2016 to support my goal of specializing in legal translation. In 2016 I was a panel member of Translating Europe: Young People in Translation at the Glasgow Language Show.

For me, learning is a way of life and translation is the perfect complement. In 2012, I completed a Master’s degree in archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. In 2015, I returned to university for an integrated Master’s in mathematical physics, to be completed in 2020. Next up? A PhD in astrophysics or renewable energy studies.

I’ve put theory into practice with original research projects and publications about the mysterious designs found on Iron Age Italian belts, the economic feasibility of a space station in geostationary orbit, software for the automatic detection of satellites streaking across the night sky, and novel image processing algorithms based on partial differential equations. Everything I learn opens up new pathways in the translation industry for me.

Today I work for agency and direct clients in legal and technical translation. I remain dedicated to continuing professional development and am a regular attendee of professional translation events. In my free time, I rock climb.

What Clients and Partners Say

“An outstanding writer and also a translator who has a great sense of nuance in a sentence and can always find the right word and untangle complicated German syntax (with results that read effortlessly).”

“Reliable, punctual, and competent.”

“Many thanks again for the speedy turnaround and the excellent, accurate, beautifully formatted work.”

What do you need translated?

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