Should I hire a freelancer or a translation agency?

It’s difficult to choose a language service provider or freelancer when you don’t know much about the translation process. Having worked both directly with clients and through agencies as intermediaries, I can offer some insight into what type of provider might be best for your project. It’s better to work with a freelancer if: –Continue reading “Should I hire a freelancer or a translation agency?”

Could you please direct me to the space train station? New Space in Germany.

In honour of my much-anticipated viewing of the first two episodes of Star Trek: Picard this evening, I spent a few hours today idly Googling the German space industry. Best takeaway so far: the German word for spaceport is “Weltraumbahnhof,” which means space train station. My first instinct was that this difference reflects the historicalContinue reading “Could you please direct me to the space train station? New Space in Germany.”

The Fascination of the Nitty-Gritty

As I booked my tickets for the CIOL Conference 2020 this morning, my main object of interest was naturally the programme. Many of the events are about the business side of freelancing – digital marketing, specialising, business development, future trends, working with different types of clients. Only Michelle Deeter’s session on translating fiction vs. non-fictionContinue reading “The Fascination of the Nitty-Gritty”

Deepfakes and German law

A couple months ago a friend sent me this entertaining fake clip of Richard Nixon reading an alternative speech – never given – announcing the deaths of the Moon landing astronauts. Naturally, it made me wonder how deepfakes will be handled in English/US law compared to German law when clips like these inevitably become moreContinue reading “Deepfakes and German law”

Das Man / The They

The first few chapters of Sarah Bakewell’s excellent At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being & Apricot Cocktails dip into German phenomenology as context for her history of the existentialist philosophers. Phenomenology was an early 20th century German and French school of philosophy that sought to describe our subjective experience of the world – what isContinue reading “Das Man / The They”